The Spirit of Fashion and Passion

The design and fabric used in our attire communicate simplicity in our nature and proud history that give the values of modesty, honor, and culture. This extraordinary legacy of fabrication has passed down through generations became the emblem of sophistication that outshine a dauntless and inspiring class. It made us believe that one should embrace this authentic outfit in its true form with exceptional fabric.

We are proud of the artisanship of our master tailors have over ten years of experience. We aim to create high-quality, timeless garments for individuals that care about craftsmanship and luxe material rather than namedropping a designer brand. However, after years of creating, we realize that we may miss the mark.

New Trends

A fabric seasonally brings new trends for its innovative and inspirational nature. It blends unbridled thoughts with new color palettes, weaves textures and fibers each season. For this reason, we choose embellished fabric and the best tailors of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to bring traditional perfection for the style seekers who value rarity in their style.

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